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Creating The Future

So many of us wish we could be ahead of the curve. If only we knew what was around the bend or what significant innovation was coming next, we’d have such a leg up. Knowing the future (the future of business, the future of tech, our own future) feels so crucial yet so...

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2 Keys To Better Systems

In my article “Conversion, success in a number”, we discuss how your conversion rate tells a story. It represents the goal you are trying to accomplish AND the system by which you are trying to accomplish it. This idea of having a 1 in 10,000 chance of making a...

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When a different future is in progress

Progression is inevitable. It’s happening all around us. Can you recognize it before it happens? In my last article, I talk about the mindset behind creating the future, jump starting it yourself. Sometimes though, the train of innovation has already left the station....

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Conversion rate, success in a number

When it comes to success, at anything, we often hear things like “practice makes perfect” or “it’s all a numbers game”. The reason why both of these statements are true relies on the fact that everything can be achieved when given enough opportunities to succeed. The...

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