In my article “Conversion, success in a number”, we discuss how your conversion rate tells a story.

It represents the goal you are trying to accomplish AND the system by which you are trying to accomplish it.

This idea of having a 1 in 10,000 chance of making a basketball shot is referenced. If you understand that your conversion rate is .0001, you simply have to decide if taking 10,000 shots is worth the victory of making 1.

At the end of the day, it can often time feel like a heavy decision. This is especially true if the conversion rate is seemingly low. In the example, we talk about doing something 10,000 times. Truth is, most people don’t like doing something 50 times or 100 times without a success. But again, that’s the power of understanding and using conversion rates to make a decision.

What’s beautiful is, once we decide to take on and execute upon the 10,000 shots, it all gets easier from there. Once you begin, your chances of failure, under the same circumstances, never get any worse and you’ve already decided you’re prepared to stomach “code red”.

With each shot and each attempt, your conversion rate and the system can and will get better, making things easier.

There are 2 keys to this.

Key #1 Changing up your approach

Just because you have set out to accomplish a goal, make a sale, or convert a lead doesn’t mean you have to use the exact system you’ve always used to accomplish that. If you missed a basketball shot or served a volleyball poorly, you wouldn’t do the exact same motion on your next try.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.”

Try to go about converting using a slightly different method. Change the inflection in your voice. Use different language. Call at different times. Survey the situation. Went went well? What didn’t go so well? Figure out how to adjust.

Maybe a text instead of a phone call gets a better response? Maybe you need something more personal like a handwritten letter?

Not all prospects or leads respond to the same olive branch. Utilizing different methods gives us a better chance of stumbling upon something that aligns with our desired outcome.

Key #2 It’s all practice. Don’t give up.

The other twist to this whole thing involves this “practice makes perfect” line we’ve all heard so much.

Each shot, each attempt, and each “no” isn’t a loss. It’s practice. When we practice, our system gets better. Every opportunity we give ourselves, even if its 1 of the 9,999 shots that don’t go in, we are naturally getting better. We are increasing our conversion rate.

With each attempt, your brain is forming a better understanding of the task and how to accomplish it. New neural pathways are being formed. Your brain, subconsciously, is completing Key #1 but on a much larger and much smaller scale. Micro movements are being memorized. Muscles are being conditioned. You feel more comfortable and that translates to better communication and less nervousness.

Regardless, that .0001 conversion rate is slowly moving in our favor. Sometimes it’s only .00001%, but that’s okay. Every attempt reveals more information about what we should or should not be doing.

Consider your obstacle, understand the probability of success, commit to the process, stick with it and you’ll win.